Are you looking for free image optimizing tools for image compression? Then, we have come up with the best free image optimization tools that will help in the performance improvement of your website.

A good quality image is one of the prime factors for increasing organic traffic. So, website owners try to make their website or blog attractive by uploading high-quality images. Because of this, they have to face lag in loading their sites. It will hamper the website’s speed and reduce web traffic as well. Hence, image optimization is necessary for today’s digital world. Because compressing the image will improve your website’s performance and results in better search engine ranking.

Professional and paid tools such as Adobe Photoshop won’t be a good idea if you are looking for an economical image optimization method for your sites. Further, if unpaid tools are doing as well as the paid version, there is no point in investing money in it. You might be confused by the various options in your search result. We have compiled the best image compressing tools to make your selection process easier.

This article will highlight the best free image optimization tools for image compression.

1. Tiny PNG


Tiny PNG is one of the oldest and free image optimization tools for PNG, JPEG, and WebP formats. It is most suitable for compressing images for apps or websites. Moreover, it offers bulk image optimization, where you can upload 20 images at once. However, each image should not be greater than 5 MB. One of the major advantages of Tiny PNG is that it has a WordPress plugin TinyPNG – JPEG, PNG & WebP image compression if you are a WordPress user.

2. Optimizilla


Optimizilla is one of the best free image optimization tools for image compression. It can compress JPEG, GIF and PNG photos. It allows you to manage the quality of the picture even with the lowest possible size.

You can even compare the before and after compression images. Further, with this feature, you can decide to what extent you want to optimize your picture before noticing any quality loss.

Optimizilla is best for batch processing as it allows you to upload multiple images simultaneously. Also, you can set the compression level separately on each image. One of the major drawbacks of Optimizilla is that it can’t optimize WebP, PDFs, etc.


Kraken is another free tool for bulk image optimization. With this tool, you can compress PNG, JPEG, and animated GIF files too. can optimize your image to the lowest possible size that other tools might not offer. After getting the required smallest version of your bulk images, you can either download one at a time or in a .zip format. Further, it allows you to export and import the image from Dropbox and google drive.

The free version of will allow you to compress each image in sizes up to 32 MB and total up to 100MB. Therefore, initial image size has a major role in the performance of However, you can get paid version of this tool to get more advanced features.

4. is one of the free image optimization tools for image compression. It allows you to resize the image up to 90% of the original size while maintaining the quality. supports PNG, JPEG, SVG, GIF and WEBP formats.

The optimization process is so easy; drag and drop your images in the center of a page and the rest will be automatically performed. It does not allow bulk image optimization, i.e. you have to upload images one by one to optimize. Also, it can only compress image size by having less than 10 MB.

5. ImageRecycle


ImageRecycle is another great image optimizer that compresses your PNG, JPEG, GIF, and also PDF file formats. Besides, the site offers you free website analysis on request. It helps in increasing the site’s performance with a free report containing a detailed analysis of the images needed to be optimized.

Further, the ImageRecycle optimizer provides easy workflow with its drag-and-drop interface. WordPress, Joomla, and Magento users can easily use its extension to resize the images rather than visiting the website each time. Additionally, it also supports other popular eCommerce services and CMS like Shopify, Drupal, Prestashop, etc.

6. CompressNow


CompressNow is also one of the best free image optimization tools for image compression. You can use PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats. It is easy to use tool that allows you for bulk optimization. You can upload up to 10 images at once. However, you can apply only one optimization level to all uploaded images using the tool. Hence, CompressNow is not suitable if images need different compression levels.

Final Thought

Each tool has some pros and cons, which users need to understand before selecting it., Optimizilla, ImageRecycle, and CompressNow are suitable for bulk image optimization. Similarly, and Tiny PNG are best suited for compressing with speed.

We believe the article has helped you to select the most suitable free image optimization tools for image compression. You can share your experiences in the comments below if you are using any of the tools mentioned above. Furthermore, you can check our articles on Google Chrome Vs Brave and Best Mailchimp Alternatives.

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